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Our School
Vienna Community Arts is a nonprofit music studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, teaching primarily out of the Twin Cities German Immersion School. We bring together diverse creative talents and a shared vision that music is essential in our communities.

Herbert and Nancy Engelmayer founded Vienna Community Arts (VCA) in 2006 blending the musical traditions of Vienna, where Herbert is from, with Nancy's strong belief in creative approaches to education. We teach piano, violin, classical guitar, ukulele, and voice. 

Teaching Philosophy
Herbert and Nancy Engelmayer share a vision about the value of music in the lives of children and adults, in family life, and in the spirit of the community.  Vienna Community Arts is first and foremost a place to discover the joy of music.  We hold that priority in front of us as we help students to acquire the many skills involved in learning an instrument.  Discipline.  Problem-solving.  Patience.  Cooperation and collaboration.  Self-confidence.  We invite students of all ages to explore music with us and to experience the joy it brings.
Our Leadership
Teachers at Vienna Community Arts bring a diversity of cultural backgrounds, energy styles and methodology to their teaching practice. Our directors, teachers, and board members are dedicated to guiding students on their own unique journey of music and performance exploration.

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Vienna Community Arts

2371 Nebraska Ave. E| Maplewood, MN | 55421 | | Tel: 651-340-6205

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