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  Our Teachers    

Herbert Engelmayer    
Nancy Cato-Engelmayer
Janelle Lanz
Darka Kooienga


 Piano, Choir, Voice Instructor

I am from Vienna Austria. My passions are railroads and opera (for which I skipped school many times!). I have a lively, interactive teaching style. I incorporate historical, cultural, and scientific information into my music lessons. I enjoy entertaining and enlivening the community with German Choir performances and sing-a-longs.


Piano instructor, Studio manager

I am an educator and generalist. I passionately believe in the ability of music and the arts to further our personal growth and as a tool in the development of children. I enjoy one on one relationships with students and the challenge of finding the right path of learning for each student. I use a variety of approaches in teaching piano (percussion, dance, song, visualization, and improv).

Violin Instructor


I am a Minnesota native and grew up here in the Twin Cities.  I started playing violin at a young age and fell in love with it right away.  When teaching, I enjoy connecting with each student.  My teaching style is very adaptable to meet each student's needs and interests.  I am passionate about sharing the joy of music with others and helping each student reach their full potential.

Classical Guitar, Piano, Ukulele instructor

Family members depict me as energetic, vivacious, and an “energizer bunny” of the family. I desire to use this energy to engage, challenge, and encourage my students in their music studies. Establishing a strong technical foundation and cultivating musical expression from the very beginning is the hallmark of my teaching approach. I believe this approach provides a wonderful foundation for any style of music students wish to pursue. I am delighted to see my students succeed and discover the fun and joy of music making. 

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